[poem] I’ll keep find you!


sebuah karya lain yang sudah lama mendekam di folder.
tata bahasanya kacau. hehehe…
mohon koreksi.
terima kasih sudah mampir dan membaca.

I’ll keep find you!

No matter where you are
I know that you are my destiny
Dear, I never tired run to you
I want to hug you
Hold you tight
Never let you go after I found you
Later you will know that I love you
I will know your name
You will know my name
I will know your heart
You will get my heart
I will keep hunt your shadow you left behind
Then I will hug your soul
Let you understand that my first sight was not wrong
Because I knew I’m falling on you after I saw you
Dear, where are you?
I hope I can find you sooner
Because I don’t like missing someone I love for a long time
Because I want you to know that my journey would not enough without your smile
With the power of my love to you I’ll go wherever I could find you
Then I’ll tell you that the tears, sweat even my blood, are the proof of my love for you
Dear, I just remember your face
But I know it’snt your face that made me fall to you
You’ve showed “your” on your smiling face
I love you!
But, what’s your name my misteriuos angel?
I don’t know how long I can keep standing here whitout you
I’ll keep find you!

cukup aneh ya?

don’t copy without my permission.


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