[fanfic] RFC_ Yunho DBSK : Love is sacrifice

Love is Sacrifice

author: wu a.k.a wulan murti

– U-Know Yunho DBSK
– Choi Eun Jae (fake character)
-Micky Yoochun DBSK

Sky looks unfriendly today. It is cloudly since morning. I’m walking alone under the cloud.
Suddenly a car runs fastly beside. Of course I fall down to the street.

“Aish!”  I curse.

I get up. But I feel hurt at my ankle. My tears fall. It is very hurt.

“Cheosong hamnida. May I help you? I am sorry,” said the man who almost crashed me.

I watch him sharply. I reject his hand.

“Gwaenchana. I can do myself,” I answer him.

I try to walk. But  I feel more hurt. Without permission this guy hold me. He help me to walk.

“Please don’t reject me. This is my fault,” beg this man.

I just take a deep breathe. I glance at his face. Then I can believe my own sight.

“You?” shout me.

I push him away. I run away from him. I don’t want he knows that he meet with me.
Now I’m sitting at public park. A lot of children play together. I can’t forget what has happened. And my ankle still hurt.

“Eun Jae-ssi annyeong,” said Yoochun, my friend.

“Chunnie annyeong. What are you doing here?”

Yoochun sit beside me.

“I am boring. How about you? You look unwell.”

“I got crash. My ankle hurts. But it’s better. You boring? Are you over busy?”

Yoochun nods his head. He smiles.
Yeah, of course he is over busy. He is member of Dong Bang Sin Ki. An extra famous Korean boyband. It is my lucky close with him and other members too.

“Should I bring you to the hospital?” asked Yoochun.

I shake my head.

“Don’t kiding! I am fine.”

“Well, wanna have lunch with me?”

I laugh slowly. “No thanks.”

Yoochun grin. “I know why you reject me. You afraid someone will be jealous, don’t you?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Ah, I feel much better. Well I wanna go home.”

I stand up from the bench. But Yoochun catch my hand.

“Jamkkanmanyo! Please stay a while. I want to spend my time with you.”

“Ah, hush! I don’t like your flattery. Mianhaeyo oppa.”

“What? You call me oppa? I feel so happy now. Please Eun Jae accompany me.”

I bow my head. I just remember one person. Someone that make me stuck. And I can’t get him out of my head. But, I want to leave his life.

So I sit again. Yoochun sit closer to me. He puts his arm on my shoulder. Suddenly, I feel save and warm. Feeling that I always get if I were with someone, before it happened.

“Lets have a new day with me! You may not being like this. You must heal your heart. Don’t you know that I can do everything for you?”

“I want to forget him. But it’s not easy. What I get is more pain. I still love him.”

Yoochun handful my hand. He stare at me.

“You will know how deep is my love for you.”

I pull my hand. I leave Yoochun alone. Now, I want to forget everything about he and Yoochun. I will take a distance with Dong Bang Sin Ki.

“Eun Jae-ya! Are okay? I’m sorry. You should blame on me. I’ve been looking for you,” said Yunho.
“You?” asked me.
“You are still angry with me, aren’t you. Please forgive me. Here, I’ll take care of your ankle,” said Yunho again.

Oh, God! Ottoke? Ottoke? He comes again. Honestly I’m melting when heard he talks like that. I though, I still love him.

“Oppa mianhaeyo. I can do myself. You may to go now.”

Yunho opens wide his eyes. I know that he can’t believe me.

“Eun Jae-ya! Why do you being like this? What happen with you? Eun Jae ya!”

Yunho shake my shoulder. Then he hug me.

“We have broken up,” said me plain.
“Aniyo! We never broke up! You still mine. Saranghae. Saranghae,” told Yunho.
“We can’t continue our relationship. I am not good enough for you. Just leave and forget me.”

Yunho hugs me more tight. Make me hard to release.

“I won’t! I never gonna leave and forget you. Please apologize me. I will do everything for you. I’ll love you always. Trust me dear.”

Okay, enough. Yunho always can control over my feeling. And I will easy fall to his beg.

“Come on in,” I invite him.

He kisses my lips for a while after we come in. Honesty I miss him. The matter that make me decide to break with him is his job.

“Dear, never try to break up with me!” said Yunho.

I shake my head.

“I promise will share my time more than before. Ara?” said Yunho.
“Ne arasseo.”

Since this day he promise to manage his time. He said he will love me more than yesterday.

“Dear, I am sorry I’ve crashed you. It happened because I worried you. Then I looked you but I wasn’t sure. Suddenly I drove faster. And I couldn’t do anything when you ran away from me. I am sorry,” told Yunho.
“Gwaenchana oppa,” I said.

He smile beautifully. It makes me frozen. I completely under his spell. I love him so much.

Love sometime asks sacrifice from us. But when we can struggle we will achieve the sweet of love.

The End

please do not copy without permission


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